Antognoni Brunhoso 'Klompen'
gallery wm

5. - 28.04.2001

In 1975 I celebrated the independence of Angola in Malange and also experienced the beginning of the civil war. At the end of the year I moved to Luanda and saw the ocean for the first time. I stayed in the capital until 1978. In March 1978 I went to Portugal where I studied and lived for a decade. My journeys brought me to Amsterdam to future develop my art.

By way of exercise and for joy I kept a scrapbook and paint envelopes. Many elements in my paintings found a first start in these sketches. The fishes, the birds, the houses, faces and scenes are lightly and swiftly put on paper and return in my larger work. This same lightness put in a series of portraits which voice a Portuguese atmosphere expressed by the fado music and the smoky grand cafe's in Lisbon.

As an Angolan painter living in Holland, I am trying to mix my memories from the past with experiences of everyday-life in Amsterdam and other places, in order to continue creating artworks and by doing so try to enrich the life of other people.

Antognoni Brunhoso