Biography [2]

Christopher Grabowski:
In 1991 I joined a group of Toronto photographers called "Photosensitive" working on the project "It's in their Eye" which focused on the project “It’s in their Eye” which focused on Toronto homeless and was nominated for a Michener Award.

Since 1994 I have freelanced for the Global and Mail. In 1996 I received a Silver Award in Photojournalism from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada for illustrating a story on the Vancouver Downtown Eastside titled Canada’s Overdose Capital. Two years later, I took a leave from paid assignements for three months and concentrated on the project Facing the Eastside, portraying people living in the poorest urban neighbourhood in Canada.
The exhibition Facing the Eastside opened in November 1998 in Vancouver. Working on Facing the Eastside
I learned something I had intuitively considered for a longtime - journalists are always in danger of creating a phony consensus over issues concerning poverty, drug addiction, sexual orientation, etc., simply by repeating particular cliches long enough. Since compassion has a long history of being abused as well, a very strong balancing act is what makes some journalists better than others.
In 1999 I received the Michener-Deacon Fellowship, as the first photojournalist to date, to work on a documentary project focused on BC coastal communities.

Christopher Grabowski
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