H.Horsley "Moonstone" portland stone 24x12X65cm
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CV Hamish Horsley CV

Remote and rugged landscapes, where massive uplifted rock is interlaced with intricate rythms and patterns, where deep fissures cut through richly coloured earth; these are the foundations images for much of my work in sculpture, painting and photography.

Beginning in simple observation, using photography as a way of seeing and recording as I travel, the impressions soon become a part of an intuitive response, a visual reference point, which is later expanded and adapted into whatever direction my work is progressing. These observations, reinterpreted as a part imagination, part myth, are integral to my way of thinking and working and lie at the core of all my current work.
This exhibition of work is an unusual departure for me as it combines for the first time in any exhibition, all these varying aspects of my work. Different as they are, showing them in this way allows me to explore their interconnectedness and to illustrate how my visual awareness has been largely formed in my observation of wild and powerful landscapes.