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Neyde Lantyer - portrait
Neyde Lantyer - Portrait
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My first contact with taking pictures was in the School of Journalism, but my real interest in photography began in 1991, in the Art School. Especially in the beginning, I was influenced by photographers such as Robert Maplethorpe and artists like Andy Warhol, and more recently the photographers Nan Goldin and Miguel Rio Branco are my favorites. Over the years I have turned my focus mainly on portraiture and photographing people in their day to day life.

These images of the show "NEYDE LANTYER - Portraits", taken in the last two years, are portraits of friends and anonymous persons, featuring movement and instant emotions under dramatic light and extreme colours. It is a kind of aesthetic that impresses my eyes and my feelings in such a way that it is impossible for me to detach it from my art work.
Since 1992 my work has been shown in several collective exhibitions, and five solo exhibitions, all in my home country. In Amsterdam, I exhibited two times in collective shows. This will be my first solo exhibition in town, followed by another one in April.

Neyde Lantyer