Dorota Podlaska 'Love Letters' 1999/2000

Dorota Podlaska
Love Letters
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Art treated as intimate confession, narrative and figurative, is my own letter to viewers, painted with hope that people will see mirror reflection of their lives in my pictures. I also hope to fill the boring and pretentious gap between "ordinary" people and "contemporary arts".

Painting serves me also as escape from reality, everyday misfortune, difficult relationships, disappointments, lack of understanding. But there is no escape - reality strikes back, jumps into canvas as unfaithful lover, ready to chop off his hand in an attempt to escape from woman, frigid husband loving only his Whiskey bottle, cynical machos eating naive virgins alive.

Fortunately we all have powerful weapons against those misfortunes - humor and irony. Wit can free us from bad spell and art can, because I believe that art is magic, and pictures can be self-fulfilling prophecies. Tonight, with hope, I shall paint another happy-end.

Dorota Podlaska, December 2000