Biography [1]

Christopher Grabowski
[Born in Warsaw in 1954]:

I won my first prize in photojournalism at the age of 21 from the Polish Press Photo Contest. At the time I was in the apprenticeship program for photojournalism at the polish sport weekly magazine Sportowiec in Warsaw. My assignement was to photograph a marathon run. Ten years later in 1986, an article published in the Polish magazine Fotografia stated the following: “As a photojournalist Christopher Grabowski has a particular understanding of the dynamics of the situation and rarely goes with the pack. When following the marathon run, he just took one snapshot of the winner and then went straight into the dressing room where other runners were taking their shoes off. His editor was not pleased initially, but he was first to congratulate Christopher when the story won an award”.
In 1981 to further develop my knowledge of photojournalism, I traveled to New York to take workshops at the International Center of Photography. Pictures that I took during this trip were subject to two exhibitions, “Automn in New York” and “Photograffiti und Photgrafien” that were shown in several galleries in Poland and Germany.

In 1987 I became a member of the Polish Union of Art Photographers, a relatively selective organization which admitted less than 400 members during the first 40 years of its existence. In the absence of a photography department at the art academies in Poland at the time, and in recognition of a lengthy and elaborate process of admission set up by the union, the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art recognized the membership of the Polish Union of Art Photographers as tantamount to a Master Degree in Fine Arts.