Dorota Podlaska 'Love Letters' 1999/2000

Dorota Podlaska
Love Letters
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Love letters are the most favorite for anyone. Love letters are the most expected ones. Need for love is shared by all people. Could there be any other theme for art, more interesting, more important?

"Love Letters" is the title of a work, where pictures are packed in a post office cabinet used for sorting out letters. Painted portraits of lovers, facing each other, happiness, sorrow, hatred, fears shared by couples.

"Love Letters" can also be the title for all my miniature pictures painted in recent years. Their themes are love, dreams, nostalgia, longing, betrayals and happy-endings. I have always been using art as my diary, record of observations taken from woman's point of view, filtered by her feelings and emotions. Mostly women are heroines of my pictures. Casted in their everyday life roles of housewives and mothers, they try to add color to their existence by dreaming of eternal love, heroes rescuing them from any oppression, romantic lovers covering them with flowers, Chippendales at their service. Those dreams have their origins in Hollywood films and Brasilian soap opera, so my paintings are based on comic-like, pop and mass media images.