Wanda Michalak Photography

Wanda Michalak - Dominicana, 27.12.2004

Warsaw, Poland 25.01.2005

Naples, Italy,15.11.2005

Bonsoir Madame la Lune

Like most of my photographic series, this one started by chance.

I was on the island of San Domingo, walking along a beach at night, people were out, eating, drinking and laughing. Children were running around and playing... there was a lovely feeling of warmth in the atmosphere and it was a full moon... the feeling was so peaceful and beautiful I had to take the photograph. None of us would realize that in a few hours time something terrible was about to happen on the other side of the world. It was December 26 2004...the Asian Tsunami.

A month later in Warsaw and then a month later in Mexico my visits coincided with the full moon.I was thinking then that it would, perhaps, be developing into a "moon" series. My trips to Switzerland and Africa also were around full moon time and by May and June I was welcoming the full moon at home.
I planned the Irish trip to be around the full moon but disappointingly it was raining and for the last of the series I made a special trip to Naples where there was no disappointment.

Afterwords in the Alps, setting my alarm each hour to catch the moon eventually between a black cloud and the mountains.
Zanzibar, among the would be Masai and the Zanzibarians, night markets of spices, delicate aromas and delicacies.(...)

As I write this under the brightest full moon Amsterdam has seen for twenty years I see that the moon and I have got to know each other well over these last 12 months.

A moonlit diary of an amazing year...

Wanda Michalak, Amsterdam


Zanzibar, Stone Town, 18.08.2005

Naples, Italy, 15.11.2005

Wanda Michalak - Amsterdam, Holland 17.09.2005